Music Ministry


The members of St. John's Music Ministry exercise their musical talents to enrich the liturgical celebrations of our parish. Please see below for more information about our various groups.

Youth Choir


Students in grades 2 through 6 may join our Youth Choir, which sings twice monthly on Sundays at 9:00 AM for the Children's Liturgy of the Word masses. They also sing for Christmas Eve, Easter Sunday, and First Communions; and can volunteer to sing at the monthly baptisms with the rest of the Music Ministry. Students can choose to rehearse either Mondays, 5:15-6:45 PM, or Wednesdays, 3:30-5:00 the Music Room, located in the lower Church.

They will learn fundamentals of music and song in a fun and creative environment. Our aim, through the use of music, is to help our children increase their understanding of their Catholic Christian faith, and as a result, deepen their spiritual lives.

SJ CGF in Rehearsal.jpg

Here's our Youth Choir rehearsing at the 2016 Chorister's Guild Festival (hosted right here at St. John's) together with other choirs, including Coral Ensamble Mexico!

Junior Choir


This group is for 7th grade through college age students. The Junior Choir sings weekly at the 11:30 AM mass on Sundays, as well as Christmas, Easter and other liturgical celebrations. They will rehearse on Sundays, 12:30-2:00 PM in the Music Room, located in the lower Church. The music will be a combination of traditional hymns, contemporary songs, and Christian rock/pop.

Singing at mass is a terrific way to gain self-confidence and enhance your own experience of mass at the same time that you are enriching it for others. Come join us! It's fun!

Teen Choir RehearsingCROP.jpg

Here's our Junior Choir rehearsing at the 2016 Chorister's Guild Festival (hosted right here at St. John's) in a special teen group with members of other choirs, including Coral Ensamble Mexico!

Adult Choir

AC 11-19-15.JPG

The Adult Choir rehearses Wednesdays, 7:15-8:45 PM and childcare often can be provided in the next room if needed. They sing twice monthly at the Saturday 4:00 PM mass and the rest of the weeks on Sundays at the 9:00 AM mass, as well as Christmas Eve, Easter Sunday, and other liturgical celebrations. Come and sing with us. This is a very friendly group!



Our cantors lead the sung prayer of the church at all the masses. We train cantors of almost any age, beginning with children in the Youth Choir through Adult Choir. Cantors must have a strong enough voice and presence to lead a congregation. Adult Cantors should be able to read music and be fairly adept at learning music on their own. Younger cantors must show a high level of focus and responsibility. They can sing at the mass or masses of their choosing. If interested, please contact the Music Director for an interview/audition.



All instruments are welcome! We would like to encourage anyone who plays a string or wind instrument to volunteer to play weekly at a mass of their choosing. Good intonation is a must, and they should show a high level of ability. We especially need brass for Easter, Christmas, and special liturgies such as First Communions and Confirmations. However, they are also welcome at other masses. Come and play with us. It's fun!

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